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Re: Stem leaks on alloy wheels.

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Subject: Re: Stem leaks on alloy wheels.
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 10:50:17 -0700
Hmm, in my area it is normal for the shop to install new stems whenever they
mount a tire... of course this is mainly so they can charge you for them!
But old or new, I really don't think they should be leaking in the way you
describe. But what do I know -- I'm still on inner tubes.

on 8/31/02 8:18 PM, Andrew B. Lundgren at wrote:

> I bought some alloy knockoffs from a fellow lister for my B to replace
> my worn out wire wheels.
> Today I had tires installed on them.  When I got home I was cleaning
> them and discovered that if I push the stems over to one side that they
> leak air.  I have to push them over quite a ways to make that happen.
> I don't think that should happen.  I think I have stems that don't fit
> right or are worn out/rotten. (If they are worn out I expected the
> tired place to replace them with new ones.)
> Am I off base here?  Is it normal for them to leak a little when pushed
> all the way over?  Do they "set in" over a few days?
> I am planning on going back on Monday to have the stems fixed.  Just
> want to confirm that they should not do this.
> (The wheels aren't on my MG yet, the hubs aren't here yet, but the
> wheels/tires look good now.)
> Thanks!
> --
> Andrew Lundgren


Max Heim
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it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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