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Re: Stem leaks on alloy wheels.

Subject: Re: Stem leaks on alloy wheels.
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 08:00:32 -0400
  Old stems can dry out and leak, and crack too.  Good practice is to
install new stems whenever tires are replaced. Some shops do this; some
don't unless you ask.  Stems come in different sizes. There may be one
better suited to the holes in your wheels than the stems now in there. 
Ask them to look through their supply and catalogues.  
  Stems don't cost that much compared the cost and aggravation when a
tire gets shredded because a stem let go.

On Sat, 31 Aug 2002 21:18:23 -0600 "Andrew B. Lundgren"
<> writes:
> I bought some alloy knockoffs from a fellow lister for my B to 
> replace
> my worn out wire wheels.  
> Today I had tires installed on them.  When I got home I was cleaning
> them and discovered that if I push the stems over to one side that 
> they
> leak air.  I have to push them over quite a ways to make that 
> happen.
> I don't think that should happen.  I think I have stems that don't 
> fit
> right or are worn out/rotten. (If they are worn out I expected the
> tired place to replace them with new ones.)
> Am I off base here?  Is it normal for them to leak a little when 
> pushed
> all the way over?  Do they "set in" over a few days?
> I am planning on going back on Monday to have the stems fixed.  Just
> want to confirm that they should not do this.
> (The wheels aren't on my MG yet, the hubs aren't here yet, but the
> wheels/tires look good now.)
> Thanks!
> --
> Andrew Lundgren

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