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Re: Bad Brakes

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Subject: Re: Bad Brakes
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 10:40:52 -0700
The brake pedal should be firm, not spongy. The harder you push, the faster
it stops (I know this sounds obvious, but the amount of effort is
significantly more than in power brake systems, particularly American ones).
You should have no problem locking up the tires with a sudden stab at the
pedal (don't try this in traffic). Air in the lines will cause a "soft"
pedal, but a "hard" pedal is just right. AFAIK there isn't anything you can
do that would make it "too" hard (except for complete blockage of all the
brake lines)..

on 9/2/02 5:25 PM, Zach Dorsch at wrote:

> Well, I think that I got the brake situation figured out.  As per suggestions
> from a couple people I went back out the car the next day hoping that gravity
> had worked and the air bubbles had escaped.  I also checked the brake failure
> switch fitting and it was loose.  I tightened that switch up and then tried
> the brakes.  It still seems like a bit of pedal effort, but this is the first
> manual brake car I have driven, so I am not sure of what the pedal pressure
> should feel like.  The car definitely stops.  btw, some had mentioned the
> rubber hoses failing, but I forgot to mention that I had replaced those about
> a month ago, albeit with the original material (my budget prevented my
> purchase of braided stainless).
> Thanks again,
> Zach


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