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RE: VIN numbers

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Subject: RE: VIN numbers
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 13:04:48 -0700

It was pretty normal to use the engine number for the title back in the 50s.
This poses problems later if the engine is replaced.

My 58 ZB was also titled with the engine number.    

California has a change of title form that allows you to retitle the car
with the correct chassis vin number for just this type of instance.  When I
did the change of ownership, I filled in the vin number change form and
voila, a nice new title with the correct Vin number.


> A 1959 MG Magnette.
> The title indicates the 15GC0H116364 number as the VIN, the 
> real VIN on
> the car is KAJ41/33953.
> The number on the title makes sense, the number on the title makes no
> sense.  It does look like a corruption of an engine number.  Possibly
> the original 1500 MG engine number?  It's my understanding 
> the Magnette
> used a 1500cc MGA engine.
> The description on the title appears normal.  59 MG SD  (1959 
> MG Sedan).
> I'll be sorting through this in the next couple of days.
> If anyone has any further guesses on the 15GC0H116364 number I'd
> appreciate it.
> The seller is a club member, and he bought it from a club 
> member.  So if
> something is messed up, it may have happened years ago.
> Larry Hoy

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