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RE: VIN numbers

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Subject: RE: VIN numbers
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 08:08:33 -0600
> So maybe, that's your engine and maybe it's just a corrupted 
> number. Are you gonna come clean and tell us what this 
> thing's in? Enquiring minds want to know.

Sorry my previous message was so short, when I wrote it I had just
finished trailering the car and was heading out to the Denver Grand

So here's the deal, this is the car:

A 1959 MG Magnette.

The title indicates the 15GC0H116364 number as the VIN, the real VIN on
the car is KAJ41/33953.

The number on the title makes sense, the number on the title makes no
sense.  It does look like a corruption of an engine number.  Possibly
the original 1500 MG engine number?  It's my understanding the Magnette
used a 1500cc MGA engine.

The description on the title appears normal.  59 MG SD  (1959 MG Sedan).

I'll be sorting through this in the next couple of days.

If anyone has any further guesses on the 15GC0H116364 number I'd
appreciate it.

The seller is a club member, and he bought it from a club member.  So if
something is messed up, it may have happened years ago.

Larry Hoy

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