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dash light reostat

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Subject: dash light reostat
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 20:23:16 +0000
Hi all,
  I remember a few months back that there was
talk about the dimmer switch for the dash lights. 
Mine has been fussy for the entire time I've had it
and apparently, gave up the ghost last night. 

  It's tie wrapped to the cross brace under the dash, as 
the choke is put in it's place. 

  I took a quick look at it and at Bentley's wiring
diagram. Thankfully they match. There is a Red-Green 
going in, and 3 Red-Whites (on two prongs) coming out. 

  Am I right in thinking that I can rig a connector to
connect these wires together directly. Since the reostat
only really does off all the way up to dim anyway, who
needs it?

  Oh, the back of the switch was pretty hot to the
touch (not burning). Could this location be bad for it?
I'm going to pull it when I get a chance and see what I
can do about the insides. 

Seems I had another question, but my mind is going, (I
can feel it :-)

Had a great lunch with the Minnesota MG T Register today. 
Thanks for inviting me, Lew!


Paul Root

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