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Re: Hobby NOT in decline (long)

To: "David Breneman" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Hobby NOT in decline (long)
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 08:18:55 -0500
Hello David, Kai et al.,
   You are all good people that I have enjoyed knowing 
some of you for some time now.  It is of great value to me 
to be able to talk about controversial subjects and maintain 
the respect seldom found on e-mail lists.  Thank you.
   A comment or two below.

David said, tongue in cheek, replying to Kai,

> Kai M. Radicke SEZ -
> > 
> > Now who is still awake?

   I know that his is far from MG related stuff but it will 
burn out shortly -- and it is MG people chatting.  Remember,
it all started with a question about our hobby going into 
decline.  As long as gasoline powered personal vehicles 
are in existance, there will be a core of enthusiests who
tinker with them, preserve them and respect the part they
have played in our recent history.
   My new 'toy' right now, is a 1930 Chevrolet Universal 
Sedan.  It can be seen setting next to the other 'toy' in
this picture:
It is certainly a piece of history.  This car was built in the
heart of the Great Depression for an American family.
It has few real frills but enough creature-comforts to make
the new owner feel a little better about the state of the
nation.  It has pull-down shades in teh back and silk
pulls at the door to assist the rear seat passengers with
entry.  It also has a foot rail and a combination hand 
bar that doubles as a lap blamket storage.  That is 
important as the car has no heater.

David added,

> I am.  Good analysis.  Except, I would delete "greed and laziness"
> and replace it with "free people persuing their enlightened self
> interest."

   In my view, you two are saying the same thing.   Kai's
comment, "greed and laziness" is more primal.  David's is
one of the more enlightened view.  Both are correct as they
are two levels of the same force.  Humans evolved and 
survived, at least for the time being, because we are smart, 
devious, cunning and greedy.  Those are the 'qualities' that 
enable most species to survive.  Greed is the underlying force 
that drives all life.  Civilization, stated in David's terms, "free 
people persuing their enlightened self interest"  is the 
embodyment of civilization and it is the part that intelect plays 
in balancing the pressures of greed.  Then again, if one doesn't 
believe in evolution and <greed powered> natural selection 
but rather chooses instead to believe that we are all here 
under some great master plan, then all reasoning and trying to 
understand life is meaningless.
   Sure wish I had an MGA to play with.

Best regards,


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