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Re: Hobby in decline?

To: Tab Julius <>, Rick Lindsay
Subject: Re: Hobby in decline?
From: Howard gentry <>
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2002 06:56:53 -0700 (PDT)
> I believe in having a "real" car - ah, that
> comment'll probably get me in 
> trouble - I mean a more modern car, like my Saab,
> for winters up here, 
> obviously, and for trips where the MG isn't
> practical, but for a "second" 
> car (even though the MG is my primary driver during
> the non-winter months) 
> I'll buy a classic any day.
> - Tab
> tab,
     I have driven my "herd" of MG-B' All year round
in Colorado for over 10 years..The heaters are
augmented by "lap rugs".  These LBC B' are suited to
year round use..if the driver salt on roads in
Co.  lots of ice and snow..every outing is a swiss
rallye..I love it...
     Be a man, T, buy a B for the winter.  and by the
by, my Saab 900 turbo sits beside my B roadster and
begs to be driven more..but it usually must wait.
yours, Howard

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