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Re: Hobby in decline?

To: Howard gentry <>
Subject: Re: Hobby in decline?
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 10:34:22 -0400

With rear wheel drive in the weather up here (central New Hampshire), it's 
not even a question of comfort, but a question of safety.  They also use 
salt, so for that reason I wouldn't do it for the car's sake, but for my 
sake in bad weather, I want something safer.

On a nice day, if the roads are clear, I have (and will) go out in the 
B.  But for something other than clear weather, I'm not going to be driving 
any rear-wheel-drive car, particularly not one so small and vulnerable as 
the B.  There are too many dangerous situations, and even if I'm okay with 
MY driving, I've seen too many idiots in 4WD SUVs think they're invincible, 
and I don't need to get broadsided by some idiot.  I used to have a Toyota 
Paseo, which I always felt vulnerable in too, and a Caravan which was 
better, but the Saab is the only thing I'll now drive if the weather looks 
like it's going to be nasty.

- Tab

At 09:56 AM 9/4/02, Howard gentry wrote:
>      I have driven my "herd" of MG-B' All year round
>in Colorado for over 10 years..The heaters are
>augmented by "lap rugs".  These LBC B' are suited to
>year round use..if the driver salt on roads in
>Co.  lots of ice and snow..every outing is a swiss
>rallye..I love it...
>      Be a man, T, buy a B for the winter.  and by the
>by, my Saab 900 turbo sits beside my B roadster and
>begs to be driven more..but it usually must wait.
>yours, Howard

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