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Re: MG hertiage shell

To: Eric <>
Subject: Re: MG hertiage shell
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 09:05:57 -0600
I think he meant the MGbRV8, not the engine.  I think he was saying that the
new shells are no better than the old ones.  Though I have read that they are
prepared using "modern" anti rust techniques that make them last longer, I have
no personal experience with one.

That said, I would trade my Miata for one any day.  A newer MG would go better 
my B than the Miata does.

Eric wrote:
> Jon Asdourian wrote:
>>As you approach the 25,000
>>range, this includes leather, and a V8, although I
>>cannot imagine anyone wanting a Rover V8.  
> Sorry Jon, 
> I really did find the rest of your mail interesting, but I think the
> above quoted statement might be refuted by a growing chunk of the
> go-faster MG owners.  Amongst our race-boys I am one of a diminishing
> minority that refuse to go V8.  Or were you being sarcastic?
> There are lots of Rover V8 powered MGs here in South Australia.
> I prefer to believe that there is still quite a bit more I can get out
> of the 4 cylinders yet (and I am keeping darn close to some of the V8s
> as it is - which I enjoy greatly:-) and much of that will be through a
> combination of refinement, a little new technology, a few extra dollars
> and lastly - more skills development and more courageous late braking :-)

Andrew Lundgren

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