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Re: MG hertiage shell

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Subject: Re: MG hertiage shell
From: "Telewest \(PH\)" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 09:41:04 +0100
Not so.  The RV8 shell did, and the heritage shell does, benefit from modern
treatments and paint processes so is significantly better than the
originals.  One would also assume that a current rebuild would get some
treatment of the internal panels e.g. Waxoyl.  A heritage or RV8 dip-painted
shell is better, cost aside, than a repaired shell as it is impossible to
get paint on clean metal inside box-sections on the latter.

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Subject: MG hertiage shell

> ...  The RV8
> shell was as prone to rust as the orginal MG, so no
> real benifit in using a new shell.  It seems much
> better to find a solid MG and rebuild it from frame
> up...

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