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Re: steering column cover removal; 77B

To: Tom McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: steering column cover removal; 77B
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 01:34:45 +0000
As you may have seen, I did this "in the field" this 
morning. Left side, #2 phillips head.

Mine was missing one screw. I'm wondering if I didn't
loose another this morning. Didn't have time tonight,
to look at under the dash, I think a few more wires
are a bit melted.

Paul Root
> All,
> In my attempt to fix a few, er several, electrial
> issues, I need to take the cover off the steering
> column.  I've tried large and small screwdrivers with
> various heads and can't seem to make any progress. 
> So:
> * What type of screwhead is used?
> * On which side of the column is the screw head?
> * How do I get this damn thing off?
> Tom
> 77B

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