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RHD, no thanks.

Subject: RHD, no thanks.
From: Kevin Smith <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 20:35:25 -0500
My ol' Toyota truck needed a starter and my mother was on vacation, so I 
borrowed her Jeep Cherokee with Right Hand Drive (she's rural route mail 
carrier).  What a pain!  I always thought a RHD car would be great, but it 
isn't.  I couldn't get used to shifting with my left hand while steering 
with my right.  Plus, I'm used to driving with my left arm resting on the 
door.  It didn't feel right with my right arm.  Also, I found myself 
driving too close to the shoulder so I didn't get too close to the yellow 

For what it's worth, I got a lot of double-takes and a bus load of kids 
went nuts when they saw me on the wrong side, so if being noticed is your 
gig, get a RHD.  Myself, I'm sticking to what I'm used to, LHD.


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