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Car is acting up

Subject: Car is acting up
From: Zach Dorsch <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 19:47:08 -0700 (PDT)
I apologize for the first blank email. 

I replaced my 25D (original '73 in my car) with a 25D from '72, and then the 
fun began.  Both distributors are for an 18V engine.  I took part of the guts 
out of my old distributor (pertronix, rotor button, and cap) and put them in 
the 'new' distributor.  I replaced the old one because the collar used for 
holding the distributor in place was a little messed up.  btw my car is a '73 
desmogged B.

Symptoms: idles absolutely horrible now.  Shakes like a banshee and will not 
idle down below ~1200 (from a previously very smooth ~850-900).  When I last 
put in the old distributor, I set the timing statically at 10 degrees and then 
adjusted it very carefully until it sounded 'just right.'  This one seems way 
to far out of whack to that.  When I test drove the car it would back fire 
while decelerating while in gear.  

Any ideas?  From what little I know of timing I assume that the timing is too 
far advanced?  I am going to check for vacuum leaks, but am not sure where my 
car would have just picked up a random vacuum leak all of sudden.



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