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Re: Car is acting up

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Subject: Re: Car is acting up
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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 09:49:28 +0100
What are the serial numbers of the two distributors?  If they are different
the curve on the new one could be causing your problems.  If only the body
is bad you could remove *all* the guts of the old distributor - cam plate,
weights, springs and vacuum capsule - and put them in the newer body.  But
you really need a timing light, preferably an adjustable one, to set up the
timing properly ands confirm that the centrifugal and vacuum profiles are

But shaking can be caused by only firing on two or three cylinders, do you
have the plug lead order correct (1342 anti-clockwise)?

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Subject: Car is acting up

> I replaced my 25D (original '73 in my car) with a 25D from '72, and then
the fun began.  Both distributors are for an 18V engine.  I took part of the
guts out of my old distributor (pertronix, rotor button, and cap) and put
them in the 'new' distributor.  I replaced the old one because the collar
used for holding the distributor in place was a little messed up.  btw my
car is a '73 desmogged B.
> Symptoms: idles absolutely horrible now.  Shakes like a banshee and will
not idle down below ~1200 (from a previously very smooth ~850-900).  When I
last put in the old distributor, I set the timing statically at 10 degrees
and then adjusted it very carefully until it sounded 'just right.'  This one
seems way to far out of whack to that.  When I test drove the car it would
back fire while decelerating while in gear.
> Any ideas?  From what little I know of timing I assume that the timing is
too far advanced?  I am going to check for vacuum leaks, but am not sure
where my car would have just picked up a random vacuum leak all of sudden.

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