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Re: dash lights reostat redux

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Subject: Re: dash lights reostat redux
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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 09:54:12 +0100
The headlight switch, foot or so of wiring and one half of the plug should
come as an assembly.  But you will also have cooked the wire it connects to
in the main loom, and you haven't found and fixed the problem yet.  If you
are the one with the rheostat taped up behind the dash then it probably has
come loose and is grounding.

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Subject: dash lights reostat redux

> I'd got about 2 miles down the road, almost onto the
> highway, just turned on the on-ramp. The dash lights
> blinked off, and smoke started billowing from the
> steering column. Yow! I pulled to the side, turned
> off the switch and shut off the car.
> After a minute or so, the smoke stopped. I tried the
> ignition. It was light enough that I could drive home
> on the residential streets I was on. But I had nothing.
> Not a click. Joy.
> I pulled cover off the steering column, and the red wire
> from the headlight switch down to the connector just
> the dash was melted completely. I disconnected that and
> tried again. The engine started right up. And I got home
> without problem.
> So, does that 3 wire bundle from the head light switch
> to the connector into the main harness come with the
> switch? I don't know if the switch is bad, or what other
> wires may have melted, but want info on what I'm looking at.

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