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Re: Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem

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Subject: Re: Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem
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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 10:02:42 +0100
Next time it happens try pulling on the choke (if you have twin SUs with
manual choke).  Mine used to do something like that (but less frequently)
and pulling on the choke 'fixed' it.  Eventually I cleaned some gunk out of
the float chambers and it stopped happening.

Alternatively rig up a timing light where you can see it when driving, that
should tell you if you are losing spark or not, and directing you to plugs
and mixture.

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Subject: Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem

> My '78B has an enhanced (high-performance) engine with O/D that I run with
> high-octane fuel.  93 octane is the best I get here short of going to the
> airport.
> I have noticed, with at least a half-tank (the gauge isn't great, but it's
> not that far off) that occasionally - like every couple of days, and I
> drive it constantly - I'll be going along, and then I'll get a sudden loss
> of power.  The tach seems to be okay - unchanged, not plummeting - but
> like I have a fraction of the power I should have, ...

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