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Re: engine oil

To: Aubrey Schneider <>,
Subject: Re: engine oil
From: Carl French <>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 11:35:32 -0700 (PDT)
The problem is that the opening is a relatively small on on the side. I found 
the best way to add oil was to use some medical supplies I had hanging around 
(not used :-)
I used a 60cc syringe as one might expect but instead of using a single piece 
of tubing I used what is the small twin tubings from a nasal cannula. They fit 
into the whole quite well and by having two small tubes instead of one big on 
it allowed for air to escape and not be in competition with the oil coming in. 
It was a lot quicker and much easier. I used 20wt Motorcycle shock oil but I 
guess any hydraulic jack oil is OK. I can send you off these things for next to 
nothing if you needed them, I have great access. This all being said however, 
You will still need to break down and get new shocks. I went used instead of 
rebuilt as the rep of rebuilt units is not good or they are large money. I 
found some excl. used ones and theye were very easy to replace. 

I also want to try & replenish the oil on the front shocks. I bought one
of those old fashioned oil cans with the long spout but I don't where to
fill the shock.

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