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Re: Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem

To: "Bill Meyer" <>
Subject: Re: Intermittent power (not necessarily electric) problem
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Fri, 06 Sep 2002 14:09:25 -0400
Well, with the one exception of the suggestion about the battery, the rest 
of the comments seem to focus on the fuel delivery system.  I'll wait for 
the next occurrence, try the choke for sure (easiest thing to try), and if 
that doesn't have an effect, then at least I have a number of things to 
start looking at.  They're new carbs, so I wouldn't expect much gunk in 
them yet, but it's possible, I guess.

Thanks for all comments - I'll let you know after it happens next what the 
results were with the choke and so forth.

- Tab

At 11:21 AM 9/6/02, Bill Meyer wrote:
>I could see a blocked tank breathing system, with negative pressure in the
>tank exceeding the power of the fuel pump, BUT I don't know how it recovers.

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