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Is this a nice trade?

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Subject: Is this a nice trade?
From: "Hans Duinhoven" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 20:05:16 +0200
Hi gang,

Met a guys last weekend on a birthday party.
I was wearing my black T-shirt with capitals:

King of Darkness

So he said:"What does this mean?"
So I told him about the infamous habits of Lucas which are part of several of
his cars,
like Jag E series 1.5 '68 and a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Nowe this E-Type is parked in a garage which a bit to short to close the door
when the car is in.
This is for years now and it really made me crying a bit for such
The car has chromed w/w and you may guess what state these are in now...

So I sugested to swap with my very pretty looking BGT, so the garage door
would be possible to close again.
He said to come along and show the GT, so I'll do this.

So guys, will this be a good deal? The Jag is an original early '68 with
original license plates of this time.
Besides the poor looking wheels, where should I look for any bad spots (rust
or anything else).



'71 BGT - for long still?

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