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Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 19:56:25 +0200

Mk1? Mk2?
I had a Mk1 series 2. Nice car, but rusty and blown head gasket.
Used 1 litre oil per 100 kilometers (67 miles)

But... Never had such a nice gearshift for years after.
Only the MGB GT I now own has similar nice shift.


'71 BGT

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> Bill:
> I asked this same question of my Uncle in foggy Newcastle many years ago
> when I was a small pup.
> He ran a fog lamp on the road center side of the car for general
> illumination of the full lane.
> He also ran a spot lamp on the curbside aimed low and to the side that
> under the fog and illuminated the verge, so he could keep on the correct
> side of the road.
> The spot lamp was used in much the same way that a blind man would use a
> cane, to tap along the roadside.
> This from a man who drove a Cortina in very thick seaside fog.
> anyone with any other ideas?
> Kelvin
> >
> > We had a small amount of fog this morning here in St. Louis
> > and that got me
> > to thinking about the single fog lamp on my MGA.  Out of
> > curiosity, where is
> > it supposed to be aimed?  At the moment it is just sort of
> > pointed "out
> > there."  Also, on which side should it be on a LHD car?  The
> > wiring harness
> > seems to want it on the curb side, but that would be the road
> > side on a
> > British RHD car.  Or does it really matter..........
> >
> > To much time on my hands,

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