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Re: Fuel Pump: Reg or Electronic?

To: Douglas Gaither <>,
Subject: Re: Fuel Pump: Reg or Electronic?
From: "Jerry Causey" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 19:41:24 -0800
Buy a new one of either type, rebuild your old one (or have it 
rebuilt) for a spare. Carry it in your boot and your new one will 
probably run forever. Some people don't trust the electronic pumps,  
because they either work well or stop completely, while the points 
type can usually be gently persuaded with the occasional tap of a 
hammer to continue pumping for months after they first exhibit 
signs of dying. My '67 GT has a German copy of an SU pump that 
was remanufactured and converted to electronic operation by Dave 
Dubois, an MG enthusiast here in the Seattle area. I keep a spare 
pump I bought from Pep Boys in the spare wheel compartment.


> I'm going to need a new SU fuel pump for my '66B. In about 3 months it
> will be a daily driver.  I don't mind spending the extra cash now if
> it is really worth it.  So, what advise do you have for me?
> Doug Gaither

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