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Re: Fuel Pump: Reg or Electronic?

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Subject: Re: Fuel Pump: Reg or Electronic?
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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 09:31:01 +0100
I had an electronic type on my V8 but it started playing up intermittently.
Eventually I ditched it and fitted a refurbished points type with no
problems so far.  As others have said with the points type you have a good
chance of 'fixing' it at the roadside with nothing more than a small hammer
or a large screwdriver.  When the electronic one started playing up I was
stuffed until it decided to start working again.  The points type can be
expected to work for several tens of years and many tens of thousands of
miles, why pay considerably more for something with very little track

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Subject: Fuel Pump: Reg or Electronic?

> I'm going to need a new SU fuel pump for my '66B. In about 3 months it
> be a daily driver.  I don't mind spending the extra cash now if it is
> worth it.  So, what advise do you have for me?

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