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Re: Pertronix install.....zap

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Subject: Re: Pertronix install.....zap
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Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 07:16:01 -0400's fried.  btdt
Paul Tegler
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Subject: Pertronix install.....zap

> Hi All:
> I just got around to installing the Ignitor in my 25D distributor, and
> hooking up the wires and of course DOUBLE CHECKING the red and black wire
> polarity, turned on the ignition and tested the spark. After determining
> there was no voltage getting to the coil, and triple checking (really I
> thought I already did this!!) I found I had reversed the coil wires. After
> correcting the reversed wires, I cannot get the Ignitor to switch, either
> the car, or by using an external magnet touching the face of the hall
> switch in the Pertronix head.
> So my obvious question is, did I fry the unit, or is it polarity
> There is nothing in the directions about reverse protection, or recovering
> from a swapped connection for that matter. Nor does their web site provide
> any help.
> Anyone else BTDT? PaulH, do you know?
> Kind regards,
> Tim Economu
> 1969 MGBGT mona with correctly gapped points ....again!

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