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RE: maniflow?

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Subject: RE: maniflow?
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Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 08:59:04 -0700

        I disagree about the performance aspect.  Installing a header on an
early MGB won't do much, if anything for you, but the A is a different
story.  The original manifold and single down pipe arn't anything like as
free flowing as the B or Maniflow design.

        I've not had a chance to install the Maniflow header I have yet, but
it looks like a well made piece.  I've not had any negative feedback about
fit and Maniflow products seem to have a good overall reputation.

        The header is bare metal and I would plan on spending the extra
cubic dollars to have it Jet Hot Coated after making sure the fit is
correct.  Keep in mind that it does have slip joints and the coating will
change the fit.

        I'm futzing with this now on my Rover SD1 as the Stainless Steel
Headers I got used from TS Imports are ugly and if I'm going to all the
trouble to install them, at least they should look good and stay intact for
a long time.  I've been very, very impressed by Jet Hot coatings and figure
the extra $$$$$ are what it takes to do it right.  On that note, I'm also
getting the alloy thermostat housing and other water fittings coated to
protect them from corrosion.

        As for the exhaust, I'm planning on installing a 2" exhaust with
single muffler at the back of the car.  Probably a Supertrap, just because I
have one lying around.

FWIW   One of the best sounding cars I had was an old 68 MGBGT that the PO
had installed a single 20" cherry bomb at the back.  It was loud, but all on
the low end, no buzz.


> Hi,
> Any listers have maniflow LCB header and exhaust system 
> experience?  Looking 
> to put on MGA and would like to hear some feedback before I 
> buy.  I realize I 
> won't gain much in performance from the LCB over stock, but 
> want quality and 
> good sound from car - throaty but not buzzy.  Single box vs double??  
> Thanks,
> Bill Shear

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