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Re: maniflow?

Subject: Re: maniflow?
From: Dennis <>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:58:41 -0700
I have a Maniflow header and Maniflow double exhaust system on my 67 B.  The
header fit quite nicely.  One thing to watch for is the thickness of the intake
flange may not be the same as the flange on the header.  Easily corrected with
shims.  The exhaust system has a short glass pack in the middle and a resonator
at the back.  I think it has a real nice sound.. Different than your used to.
Not to loud at all.  It really sounds nice at 6000 rpm!!... It seems not as loud
as my friends 67 with the black one with duel chrome tips that is available from
Moss.  When I first installed I wasn't sure about the sound. Because it is
different from what your used to.  After having it on for two years I really
prefer its sound to stock......

67 MGB wrote:

> Hi,
> Any listers have maniflow LCB header and exhaust system experience?  Looking
> to put on MGA and would like to hear some feedback before I buy.  I realize I
> won't gain much in performance from the LCB over stock, but want quality and
> good sound from car - throaty but not buzzy.  Single box vs double??
> Thanks,
> Bill Shear

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