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Rheostat and the burned wires

To: (MG Guru)
Subject: Rheostat and the burned wires
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 13:06:39 +0000
In the 5 minutes I had between dinner and my sons
soccer game (we were late :-), I popped open the
rheostat. Inside is a little printed circuit board
with solder leads trailing all around and one of them
had pulled away and folded over causing the connector
to have nothing to connect to. 

There's also a burn mark from the burning wire incident. 

I pulled the dash Wednesday night. I'm not sure how
I'm going to get it back in. I'm thinking that pulling
the tach and speedo might make it easier to get back in.
It took me 1 1/2 hours. Fortunately, the only nut/bolt
that gave me any trouble was the one right above the
glove box, so I could actually see what I was working on.
The bolt (I think) was stripped a bit, so the nut just 
spun. I grabbed it will a channel lock pliers and pulled
and turned, that got it started again and the rachet got
it the rest of the way. 

The wires don't look too bad. I'm going to unwrap the 
whole dash sub-loom to be sure, though. 

So, two questions. 
1) Anybody with a parts car got a rheostat they'd part 
with? Monte? Steve Shoyer? The new ones are pretty well
cost prohibitive to me, especially considering what it

2) Alternatively, since my rheostat is hidden under the
dash, since the choke cable goes where the rheostat was,
a la a DPO (actually, it's a good place for it). Is there
any reason, I couldn't get a generic rheostat from a parts
store and use it. 

3) Otherwise (ok, it turned into 3 questions), could I 
just put an inline fuse in the dash lights circuit between
the red/green and red/wire?


Paul Root

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