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Re: Rheostat and the burned wires

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Subject: Re: Rheostat and the burned wires
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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 15:43:05 +0100
Hooray, someone else who has found a printed-circuit rheostat just like the
three I have changed ...

2.  No, given the physical characteristics to mount it (where, if you leave
the choke where it is?) and the electrical characteristics to a) not burn
out and b) perform 'useful' dimming.  I say 'useful' because even in 1962
the instrument lighting was considered 'dim' even at full brightness.  So
unless you are going for originality (difficult, with the choke in the
dimmer place) there doesn't seem much point.

3.  Yes (if you mean between the red/green and the red/white) if you want to
protect against something that has probably never happened before (in my
hearing) but just might.

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Subject: Rheostat and the burned wires

> 2) Alternatively, since my rheostat is hidden under the
> dash, since the choke cable goes where the rheostat was,
> a la a DPO (actually, it's a good place for it). Is there
> any reason, I couldn't get a generic rheostat from a parts
> store and use it.
> 3) Otherwise (ok, it turned into 3 questions), could I
> just put an inline fuse in the dash lights circuit between
> the red/green and red/wire?

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