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Re: 18V engine

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Subject: Re: 18V engine
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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 23:40:21 -0400
just like any other model year changes,
cams, compression ratios, emissions
and breathing plumbing and etc are
the only differences.  It'll still bolt right in.
All the plumbing and such is strictly up
to what ancillaries you've mounted
and how you prefer to rig up crankcase
venting, anti-run, etc etc.
They all used dual HS4's, but different
model (mech & vac) distributors.

Paul Tegler

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Subject: 18V engine

> What is the difference between an 18V engine and the previous engine.
> I understand 18V came in mid 71. If I get a 68-71 parts car for my BMH
> body shell and it doesn't have an 18V, should I be concerned? Should I
> wait to find an 18V engine? Will an 18V bolt right into a non 18V car?  
> Thanks, 
> Don Malling

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