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Re: 18V engine

To: Don Malling <>
Subject: Re: 18V engine
From: Charles & Peggy Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 11:06:36 -0500
 Hi Don,

  The earlier 5-main engines like my 18GH came with offset rod caps and
4-ring pistons with floating wrist pins.  The 18GV engines came with
conventional rod caps with 3-ring pistons and pressed-in wrist pins.  
There may be some variations on this theme I don't remember.  My GH
block has main studs and my GV block uses bolts for the mains. I've seen
it claimed that the 18Vs are freer revving because of less internal
friction.  I've also seen it claimed that the '71 18V with a '67 cam and
HC head is the best stock setup.  

  As far as internal interchangeability goes, I have a GV block with the
crank, rods and pistons for the GH in it, along with a '67 profile cam
and the short lifters-long pushrods spec'd for the GV.  The head is from
a '68 or earlier.  You can do pretty much whatever you want to.  

  Also, the GV bolted right into my '69B with a top-fill, O'drive,
4-synchro tranny.  No problems there either.  I think they changed the
engine mounts on the RB cars, so maybe the engine front plate is the
thing to check for.  All my engine-swapping experience is with CB cars,
so maybe someone else on the list can fill us in there.




Don Malling wrote:
> What is the difference between an 18V engine and the previous engine.
> I understand 18V came in mid 71. If I get a 68-71 parts car for my BMH
> body shell and it doesn't have an 18V, should I be concerned? Should I
> wait to find an 18V engine? Will an 18V bolt right into a non 18V car?
> Thanks,
> Don Malling

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