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Info: Big Healey I looked at today

Subject: Info: Big Healey I looked at today
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 16:12:01 EDT
Hi List: So many have offered help concerning the Healey I am looking at, 
that I thought responding this way was better.
Apologies to all who don't like the content.
Anyway: 1959 BN6-2988. Only number I can find.
Engine totally done. $5000 in receipts. Done locally. I know the shop. Good 
Body sound from outside inspection. Aluminum I think, so Bondo magnet would 
not be helpful.
Trunk, and floors will need replacing. Probably means rust in other places.
Outriggers seem solid as does undercarriage.
Front suspension seems ok, but cannot tell until removed. Turns stop to stop 
smoothly, but car up on blocks.
New interior with car. No side curtains.
All chrome will need replating.
Has overdrive and rebuilt tranmission.
Has 102,370 miles.
Needs windshield.
All gauges present and still in dash. Dash not cracked.
Wiring will probably need replacing or at least new wrapping.
Turn signals do not cancel. Aftermarket steering wheel may be the problem.
Tires ggod. Wire wheels need new powdercoat.

Hope that is of some help. They have no idea what to ask for car, but keep 
talking about the 5K they spent on engine as a lot of money.
Any ideas from you about this car.

Thank you all for any help.

Dennis Barr

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