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Re: Info: Big Healey I looked at today

Subject: Re: Info: Big Healey I looked at today
From: Howard gentry <>
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 08:10:25 -0700 (PDT)
--- wrote:
> Hi List: So many have offered help concerning the
> Healey I am looking at, 
> that I thought responding this way was better.
> Apologies to all who don't like the content.
> Anyway: 1959 BN6-2988. Only number I can find.
> Engine totally done. $5000 in receipts. Done
> locally. I know the shop. Good 
> reputation.

     At this point, the proof is in the
driving..Engine rebuilds are difficult to prove as to
their integrity without much indepth inspections.
Trans-rearend..ditto..Rust is a very expensive item to
completely eliminate.
     Then there is the issue of what car it is..Does
it have two or three carbs..a three carb model is
worth more than a two carb model IF it is the original
engine. Powder coated wheels?  Not original,but would
be ok just to keep the car in a driving condition.
     As for the price..If you have a large after
purchase buget, $5000 would be the most you may want
to spend.  Be aware of the Many surprises that will
present themselves as the restoration progresses.  If
you really like the car,have the funding to overcome
expensive surprises, and have the total commitment to
the overall restoration,the car may be worth what you
put into it when you finish. Remember, what you spend
on the project must be balanced by the joy you recieve
when you actually drive the car.
     Good luck.
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