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Re: Yet another Overdrive question (narrowing it down)

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Subject: Re: Yet another Overdrive question (narrowing it down)
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 23:28:36 -0700
Aha! that's a good clue.

The lockout switch is a simple screw-in plunger-type switch that is
physically contacted by the 3-4 shift rod (or lever, whatever). The
adjustment is very simple -- you stack washers around the base of the switch
to move it in and out. It sounds like yours could be making intermittent
contact due to road vibration. Or just the switch itself has a loose
internal connection.

It's located high up on the side of the transmission, on the left side of
the base of the shifter extension, facing up and back. In the blow-up in the
Moss catalog it is identified as the reverse lamp switch (which is actually
on the other side, although the switch itself is the same).

The bad news is, it's going to be very difficult to access, perhaps
impossible, with the transmission in the car.

on 9/15/02 1:01 PM, Carl French at wrote:

> This is kind of long but I wanted to be specific.
> I have flushed the trans twice today and been on a couple of short hops. I
> have noticed one thing on the last ride. I have had this intermittant
> chattering noise that seems to preceed the OD kicking in and out. Today on the
> road I noticed I could modify the sound by subltly moving the shiftlever.
> Sometimes sideways but more often to the rear. This would often eliminate the
> noise and make the OD run smoothly. I also noticed that sometimes when moving
> the shifter around, even to the rear the OD (I guess) would seem to kick out
> but not harshly and sometimes not all the way almost like slipping a bit. In
> the past the intermittant OD would be a very harsh kicking in and out. When
> the OD was turned off the fourth gear was unaffected by the moving of the
> shift lever and ran fine. Is there the possiblity that the lockout switch
> could be malfunctioning? The wiring harness has been replaced during these
> troubles so it should not be that or the connections. Where is the switch
> located?
> You guys have been more than great on this and I owe a lot of beers out there.
> How about at Stowe :-)
> Carl
> Carl
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