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To: MGS <>
Subject: 94hp
From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 21:54:23 +0930
Whenever people ask me why I fiddle with my engine so much I am inclined
to quote them figures as per the following (just one of the many ways
these figures are quoted on websites, this from - reprinted without
permission, thank you :-)

"Built on a wheelbase of 98", with an overall length of just 153" and
low curb weight, its in-line four cylinder engine motivated the B quite
nicely. Through dual "SU" semi-downdraft carburetors the BMC-provided
1,798cc (109.7ci) in-line four was rated at 94 bhp at 5500 rpm"

All *I* am doing is trying to return my tatty little beast to its former
glory and get back that "94bhp at 5500 rpm".  The dyno guys tell me that
if I am aiming at 94hp to keep trying - so I do :-)  I am almost there.

Adelaide, South Australia

"Nothing overshadows truth so completely as authority"

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