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Re: 94hp

Subject: Re: 94hp
From: Eric <>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 08:37:17 +0930
Skye Poier wrote:
> You know that the original numbers quoted were brake horsepower (Bhp)
> and, I believe, at the flywheel.  And under "lab conditions" ie, quite
> optimistic.
> A stock early B will show around 64Bhp @ 5000rpm at the wheels
> >
> > All *I* am doing is trying to return my tatty little beast to its former
> > glory and get back that "94bhp at 5500 rpm".  The dyno guys tell me that
> > if I am aiming at 94hp to keep trying - so I do :-)  I am almost there.
> >

Yeah, just my little joke and how I justify spending all that time,
effort and money on an old car :-)

Adelaide, South Australia

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