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Re: Off topic - Spams

To: Barrie Robinson <>
Subject: Re: Off topic - Spams
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 19:49:13 -0400
It's a never ending battle, I must get 40 a day, maybe more.  It's 
impossible to filter, since they even fake addresses.  You could, however, 
probably filter for stuff sent from Taiwan, China, Russia, etc., unless you 
do business there, since a lot of it comes out of those places.

If it takes long to come in, consider getting an email program like 
Eudora.  It's only $30 or so, but you can filter out a lot of stuff and 
also have it refuse to download files over any specific size (for instance, 
mine is set so that anything over 40k won't download until I expressly tell 
it to, or delete it from the server).  Plus, it has the added advantage of 
being immune to a lot of the virii that you catch using Microsoft Outlook.

- Tab

At 02:17 PM 10/24/02, Barrie Robinson wrote:
>Anyone out there into fighting non-interest subject spams.  I am getting
>more email from mortgage, insurance, software sellers, loans, etc than I
>get from the list - and some take ages to come in!!
>Barrie Robinson -

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