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Re: Loss of Oil Pressure over 4000 RPM's

To: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>,
Subject: Re: Loss of Oil Pressure over 4000 RPM's
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 19:11:36 -0500
At 01:46 PM 9/24/02 -0600, Andrew B. Lundgren wrote:
>Well Barney,  I stand corrected.  And surprised!  :)

Aw hell, sometimes it's just the simple stuff, at it pays to check 
first.  Some of this experience comes from the school of hard knocks (a 
very expensive school, but not very exclusive).

>Geoffrey Gallaway wrote:
> > Actually, it turns out that it was a bad wire to the oil pressure 
> sensor. It wasn't soldered right and was just sitting on the sensor 
> housing. At higher RPM's it would start vibrating and lose some contact.
> >
> > I was impressed how reliably it lost contact at 4000 RPM's.


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