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Re: Cold Air Joy was Re: Engine mods and reliability

To: "'MGS'" <>
Subject: Re: Cold Air Joy was Re: Engine mods and reliability
From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 08:08:43 +0930
Wil Boucher wrote:
> If I understand the description correctly...
> Here are a couple of photo's taken from "MGB, The Illustrated History",
> published by Haynes...

Almost - well, the enginebay picture doesn't show it, but I am sure the
(larger than 3") pipe going to the carbies actually does go to a proper
'cold air box' - but apart from that... yes, that is what I have :-)

Oh yeah, and apart from the fact they have put those lovely, neat input
ducts in the grill - which you have me thinking about although the
thought of chopping bits out of my grill doesn't thrill me.  The input
to mine sits behind but pushed up against the grill.

As I said before, it is so obvious (and I knew I wasn't the first to do
it) that I am amazed I didn't do it at the same time as I did the filter
change.  So obvious that I did it and designed it (a hunk of pipe and a
hole, essentially) without reference to anything else.  

Adelaide, South Australia

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