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RE: Refurbishing wire wheels

To: "'David Breneman'" <>,
Subject: RE: Refurbishing wire wheels
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 12:41:11 -0700
Absolutely David:

Respoking a wire wheel is best left to the experts, or the terminally

Respoking makes sense on unique or vintage wheels.  MWS in the UK can fully
restore a wire wheel, including remetaling and machining the center splines.

You know, all this talk of wire wheels makes me want to have a ww car again.
I got to follow a nice red MGB out of the San Diego Car Show on Sunday.  It
was nice watching the light sparkle on the spinning wheel nuts.  Oh well.  I
grew up with a worn out ww 70B which got converted to alloys when I could
not keep up with the wheels jamming.  I was the one selling the $35 wire
wheels since at the time, new wheels were next to impossible to afford.

Funny, now I can afford to spend money on my car, the parts are so much

> Hans Duinhoven SEZ -
> > Why not replacing all spokes and have the rim painted 
> before respoking the
> > wheel.
> > Carefully check whether the fit onto the hub is whithout 
> any kind of play.
> Don't you need some kind of special equipment to respoke a wheel?
> Seems like it would be awfully easy to end up with an eccentrically
> rotating rim if you didn't have some kind of jig to keep the rim
> and hub in alignment.  I bought plenty of $35 junkyard MGB wheels
> in my youth, but it seems like all the hassle of doing this type of
> work yourself isn't worth the ~$150 a new wheel costs.
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