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Parts cars for my BMH body shell

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Subject: Parts cars for my BMH body shell
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 23:18:06 -0400

Thanks for all the responses on my previous question about gauge
rebuilding. The information was great. I have contacted mo-ma and
nisonger, and have been paying more attention to eBay.

I would like to build a 67 on my BMH body shell, but I'm having some
trouble locating a 67 parts car in my area -- Binghamton NY. I have not
been looking long, so maybe I should give it some time.  

I have however, located two 69's from a single owner. He wants to sell
both.  Both are rough, and one is very rough -- I would only get a drive
train, windshield, door hardware, top frame, and some mildly dented
bumpers from it. The other one is still rough, but better. From looking
at eBay, it seems I could part them out and sell what I don't need. I
see hoods going for $80.00 on eBay. 

Is it reasonable to think that I could use these two 69's to build most
of it, and then do the 67 dash and gauges with eBay parts? I assume I
would use a 67 wiring harness because of the 67 dash? Perhaps I will get
myself into problems with mechanical vs electrical gauges -- tring to
connect 67 dash conponents to 69 drive train?

Hmmm...Steering column above the u-joint appears to be completely
different. Maybe I just need to wait for a 67...

Vague questions I know.

Don Malling

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