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RE: Parts cars for my BMH body shell

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Subject: RE: Parts cars for my BMH body shell
From: "Phil Vanner" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 15:39:22 -0500

You might try to contact British Wiring. I have a mixed-year car (early
Spridget, with alternator conversion and electric tach and fuel pump)

I described my features and they made me a custom harness. I think it was
about $20 more than one of their  off-the shelf ones. A few weeks slower to
arrive but I was happy with it.

Phil Vanner
'61 Midget
'74 Mini

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The BMH web site said my body shell was for 67-74, but the commission
numbers they list are for 68-74. I guess the first 68 was built in
10/67, so that's why they said 67.

My notion was to build the bulk of the car with the two 69 parts cars
and then put a 67 dash in it. I have now come to believe that the idea
is probably impractical. I understand that the 67 came with a generator,
and the 68 - 74 were alternators. I suspect there may be other wiring
problems with trying to use a 67 wiring harness with 69 parts cars
(other than the dash gauges)


I guess I see the wiring as the biggest problem with using a 67 wiring
harness (dash guages) with 69 drive train and other parts.

Don Malling

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