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RE: Penalty?

To: "'Neil Cotty'" <>,
Subject: RE: Penalty?
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 14:21:30 -0800

        At the VTR S.E. Regional last weekend in Georgia there was a TR8
with the 4 IDA downdraught set up on it.

        Just in case this wasn't over the top enough, the car was also
plumbed for nitrous.  From what I saw of the build photos, the interior of
the engine was just as radical as the outside.  4.6L cross bolted block,
roller lifters and rockers etc.

        Now that's the kind of engine I would love for my MGB V8, and/or
Morgan +8


        Go for the Morgan, it's only money!

> >My high school notebooks were filled with Morgan looking 
> cars with 6 pipes
> >coming out of each hood panel.
> Ahh speaking of Morgans and Webers and Downdraft vs 
> Sidedraft.. Perhaps Bill
> could get Pierce to make a Rover version of this
> then 
> I'd really have
> to buy the Morgan +8 I fell in love with this evening. <G> My mechanic
> friend has a gorgeous burgundy early eighties +8 for sale and 
> my god what a
> beautiful noise this beastie makes. I must have it...I MUST! 
> One turn of the
> key and that was it. Whoosh. Love at first sight (err sound) 
> and all that.

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