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Re: Penalty?

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Subject: Re: Penalty?
From: Steve Morris <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 19:04:02 -0500
>Hey guys - have a look at e-bay item 1871554453 and tell me what you think 
>the verdict should be on this guy - especially the tacky nose treatment and 

Did anyone read BS Levy's newest; "The Fabulous Trashwagon"? I'm just at 
the part wher he cobbled it all together and went to the first race. I 
was immediately reminded of the book when I opened the ebay page. The 
Daimler came to mind, too.

Now all it needs is the trash can lid Continental kit, like in the book. 

Sorry Bill, after three years, I still can't get used to this being my 
only reply to sender instead of reply to list...

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