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Rev Limiter Source

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Subject: Rev Limiter Source
From: "Dean T. Lake" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 14:19:28 -0500
Thanks All for your responses. I will investigate the more sophisticated
(and gentle) electronic rev limiters in
the near future. For now, I have had success through the world of Lotus
cars. A vintage Lotus parts supplier,
"dave bean engineering", offers retail and distribution of parts for racing,
restoration and repair. My contact
there (San Andreas, California) is "Tom", at 209-754-5802. He has in stock:

Lucas 40 series distributors (7000 rev limit) $35.23 each
Lucas 20 series distributors (6500 rev limit) $35.23 each

>From what some sources have said, these limits should be adjustable to some
extent. Just to synopsize what I have learned: these are appropriate for
protecting an engine against damage at unintended high revs. They are not
ideal for bumping up against the max rpm on a routine basis, due to the
harsh nature of abruptly cutting off the ignition without cutting off fuel.
The modern, more sophisticated rev limiting systems can act almost as a
shift indicator.

I am leaning toward a traditional shift light/buzzer to supplement any
limiter. When mine is fitted, I'll
post more info on how it works out.



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