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Re: Rev Limiter Source

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Subject: Re: Rev Limiter Source
From: "Dean T. Lake" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 17:51:53 -0500
> He has in stock:
> Lucas 40 series distributors (7000 rev limit) $35.23 each
> Lucas 20 series distributors (6500 rev limit) $35.23 each
> From what some sources have said, these limits should be adjustable to
> extent.

>>To adjust them, you need to alter the amount of mass on the weight that
slides out. They usually have some small screws and such that you could
remove, or you could grind the weight if you wanted to raise the limit, but
suspect that you are talking about wanting to have a little lower limit than
the 6500 unit. You'd have to run it up on a distributor machine and add
larger screws (that still cleared the cap etc.) until you got it where you
want it.
Thanks, Bill.  That helps a lot - hope to be looking at it first hand by
next week and taking it out for a test run by the weekend.  BTW, I have the
40 series distributor in one engine so the rotor comes set at 7K.  The
engine builder assures me that very short duration 7K rpm runs are
acceptable for my particular engine build, although there may be a natural
drop in power at that point anyway due to valvetrain limitations.  Even if
7K takes me out of optimal power band, a few seconds in third gear is often
just not worth the time lost to the two shifts necessary.  My other engine
is much more stock and might get the 6500 rpm limiter, but not just yet
because I don't generally get to those revs anyway.

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