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RE: MG's and Babies

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Subject: RE: MG's and Babies
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Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:31:14 -0600
I took the opportunity after the first baby to take the Midget off the road
for a while to do some major maintenance. Think of like when they pull an
airliner out of service and dissassemble it to see what needs to be done.
After a year of fatherhood I could see it wasn't going to see much use for a
little while.

Now baby number 2 is here and the car is still not back on the road.
Progress is steady, but slow. Pretty much everything that needed attention
is done and it's now into reassembly.
I'm doing the work off-site at a buddy's garage. This helps in that Darcie
doesn't see that project hanging around, but it hurts in that I can't just
pop out to the garage for a half-hour to get something done.

I also took the opportunity to pick up a family LBC, an old Mini Cooper. So
there can be an upside, depending on how you feel about four seaters. You
can get a rear-facing child seat in a Mini, by the way, in case she asks.

Little ones are time consuming. But for me that's mostly because I like 'em,
and I want to be with them. They also require rooms to be made into
nurseries, or painted pink, or dollhouses built (or tree houses) or
whatever.  Then there's probably stuff that your wife does now that she'll
be too tired to do for the first few months, so there is additional work,
even when they are in the animated sausage phase.

As for Lee's story about having the car painted. I don't reccommend that. I
wouldn't have made it, both of my daughters came pretty quick.

Phil Vanner
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