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RE: MG's and Babies

To: "Paul Root" <>
Subject: RE: MG's and Babies
From: "Phil Vanner" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 12:38:14 -0600
> So are you keeping the Volvo, then?

Ya, well, it's worthless if not repaired.  The dealer came up with a good
offer in compromise. I had to apply a little pressure, and I'm still out a
few bucks but life isn't risk-free, and I can live with it for now.
Want to make me an offer? It's a family hauler in more ways than one.

>(Note, perfectly constructed Minnesota grammer. :-)

Since it references a Swedish car, this sentence could become an essential
part of the "How to speak Minnesotan" phrasebook.

Phil Vanner
not a native Minnesotan, but I freeze like one.

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