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Subject: Re: MG 2003
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 09:34:13 EDT
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>Hi all,
>I'm back after 12 days on Grand Turk (anyone been?) and wondering who on
>list I'll be seeing in St. Louis next weekend. My wife and I will be in
>BRG 67B (the 79 is still in the paint shop).

We're heading out St. Louis-bound tomorrow morning. Diane and I are leaving 
Downers Grove, IL and heading down old Route 66 in our '79 Midget (GROWLER - 
Brooklands Green with Union Flag bootlid) along with Bill & Sally Hedrick (in 
MRBILL 3 - '71 Midget) and Roger & Shirley Goebbert (in MGB 4 2 - immaculate 
MGB). Goebberts are one of the couples (along with the list's Ingrams) who 
have attended every NAMGBR Convention.

We're planning on sightseeing on the Mother Road and reliving the 1993 Rt. 66 
caravan Reinout Vogt put together to go to MG '93. We've been mapping out 
points of interest like a must-stop photo opportunity to photograph the cars in 
front of the 1920's octagaonal library building in Atlanta, IL, to buy maple 
syrup in Funk's Grove, and to stop at the newly opened Route 66 "Musem" (that's 
what the sign on it says in a recent newspaper photograph) in the former Rt. 
66-era Pig Hip Restaurant in Broadwell.

I'm bummed Bill and I will miss the Endurance Rally, but both of us are 
smarter than we look and know better than to take our wives, who are using 
hard-earned vacation time, and dump them in a hotel leaving them without a car 
while we take off for a day. Best of luck to Rick Ingram of TwoRickRacin, a 
division of Team Fokowee, who is running.

The convention is going to be great. The venue is familiar from the second 
NAMGBR convention in '93 (the first I attended). Nice hotel. Beautiful lakeside 
park setting at Creve Coeur lake for the car show. Nice park setting for the 
Friday night BBQ. New banquet facility recently added to the hotel which will 
be the site of the Saturday night Banquet. And Kelvin modestly forgot to 
mention the Saturday evening Hospitality Suite Moss Motors is kindly 
with the Chicagoland MG Club. Please stop by and say Hi. (Subtle subliminal 
motivation to stop by - FREE BEER!!!) 
I'm looking forward to seeing Ken Costello again. We had a wonderful time at 
MG '93 tipping beers with Ken and hearing the story of the MGB V8 from the 
source. No word on whether he will reprise his standup comedy routine as done 
Twist's Summer Party the year the V8s were featured.

Can't wait to hit the (Mother) road tomorrow!

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, IL

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