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Re: Monte on MG 2003

Subject: Re: Monte on MG 2003
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 23:27:04 EDT
<<<We couldn't stay for Saturday
evening, but I would imagine the baby blue 64 B with whitewall tires(owned
by Paul and Kathleen? of Maryland) won the concourse event. It was his first
show and he entered his beautifully restored car in the concourse event! He
was very nervous, and said that it would be his last concourse since it took
way too much work.>>>

That was Paul Hanley. Beautiful Iris Blue '64. He was indeed the Top Points 
Car in the Concours at roughly 950 points. It's a car he's had for a number of 
years and recently restored. The other aspect of his lack of interest in 
future concours is his intent to drive the wheels off now that the restoration 
complete. Hope he enjoys doing that, but changes his mind about concours. Don 
Peery has proved that you can drive them and still score well in concours.

I'm sorry I never came in contact with Monte at the show. There was a lot 
going on. I did see a number of listers and/or their cars.

One minor correction to Chuck Renner's post. The Saturday night Hospitality 
Suite was put on by Moss Motors and the Chicagoland MG Club - Kansas City did 
the Friday night one. The beer selection went down very well indeed. Bill 
Hedrick and I were the Beer Committee and greatly appreciated Robert Rushing of 
St. Louis club's assistance in making the beer run to stock the suite. We 
would have had to make multiple trips in our Midgets without Robert's kind 
assistance with his XJ6.

The MG Club of St. Louis did a sensational job of organizing and hosting the 
convention. It was a great time and a perfect complement to the job they did 
10 years ago on NAMGBR's second convention.

Kim Tonry
Downers Grove, IL

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