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Re: Monte on MG 2003

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: Monte on MG 2003
From: Rocky Frisco <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 19:51:50 -0500
Max Heim wrote:
> Hmm, I wouldn't have said that Iris Blue resembled French Racing Blue...
> however, it is a handsome period color that would doubtless look good on
> your car, so go for it.

I've never actually seen any of the Bugatti 35's except in photographs
and paintings. I sat in a type 59 and went "Vrrrruuummmm Vrruuummmmm"
for hours once at Beaulieu, but it was painted a dark green that was
almost black. They wanted 90,000 UKPounds for it. I'm holding out for a
type 35B (and, obviously, the PCH Sweepstakes to pay for it).   ;)

The Iris Blue is close enough for me and since it's an actual MG colour,
that makes it even better. My insurance people let me know
(unofficially) that the sort of red usually seen on MG's is one of the
most common colours to be involved in bad wrecks for some reason and I
have been hit really hard from behind twice in less than three years, so
I figured I would go to a more visible colour when I fix it this time. I
figure a sort of sky blue will tend to stand out when it's on the road
instead of in the sky. Hope I'm right! :)

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